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        Enterprise CultureHome >> Enterprise Culture

        Management concept

        Be honest and keep promise is our tenet  

        Quality supremacy is our core 

        The customer’s satisfaction is our target   

        The green products is our responsibility


        Quality Guideline

        To do things well once

        To satisfy customers with the best quality




        Environmental Guideline

        Comply with environmental law and regulations
        Energy saving and emission reduction up to standard
        Focusing on continuously improving
        Green return to our society




        Occupational Health and Safety Guideline

        Prevention first
        Enhancing the training of all staff health and safety consciousness
        Continuously improving
        Creating outstanding working environment



        Culture and concept
        Enterprise spirit:Study, Innovation, competition,surpassing
        Enterprise core concept: Let the light of wisdom shining the road of future!
        Enterprise developing concept: Specialization、large-scalization,Industrialization, Internationalization

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