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        Voice of Board Chairman: New era, new prospect

        Date:2018-1-4 16:33:33 Visits:
        ??????? ?It is good for sailing in spring wind.
        ??????? ?It is our pleasure to grow up with the high-quality developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era .We are surprised, the strategic emerging industries of the state which represented by optoelectronics and information technology are magnificent and are undergoing rapid changes.
        ?????? ? Yesterday, facing the trends of reform and opening up policy, we worked hard in optoelectronics industry career unwaveringly. A lot of doers, the well-done, competent and dare to do Lida members grown up in practice. We not only continuously build-up a strong base for manufacturing optical components, but also highlight the optical coating technology as our core advantage, in order to create a first-class advanced optical thin-film enterprise in worldwide.
        ??????? ?Today,we will take part in the great project to build a socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era, which now is in high-quality developing. To follow the past and herald the future, we will strongly push forward the technological innovation of optoelectronics industry, manufacturing outstanding optical components with high quality, to cast a famous “Lida” brand, which is trusted by customer and is respected by society. Implement the sacred mission?“Dedicate in optical science and technology to promote human civilization”, to contribute to the decisive victory in building China into a moderately prosperous society in all respects.
        ?????? ? Tomorrow,we will witness and sharing the great achievement that achieved by the great dream of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Don’t forget why we started, we will dedicate in optoelectronics industry career unwaveringly as before. We have a firm and sincere aim, focusing on the R&D, exploring, innovation of optical technology, make utmost effort to build up an advanced first-class optical coating enterprise in the worldwide, to promote and push the development and growth of optoelectronics industry and information technology.
        ???????? The progress of the new era at the same time brings exceptional opportunities and vast space with it for us. Let’s hand in hand for same direction with one heart and one mind, encourage each other, support each other, with the firm faith and huge courage, pursuing and achieving the honors and dream of us together.?
        ???????? Happiness is achieved through hard work!

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