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        New year massage for 2020, Staying true to our founding mission

        Date:2020-1-1 8:36:17 Visits:
        ?Achieve the goal of 2020, run towards 2025
        ??? New year start a new era again, and will draw new pictures. For the coming new year 2020, on behalf of the company's leading group, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks, cordial greetings and best wishes to all cadres and employees who are struggling in all positions, to retired employees and to families! And wish all a happy new year!
        ??? In the past 2019, we remain true to our original aspiration, and keep our mission firmly in mind. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, thoroughly carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, we fully implemented the parent company’s “365 action for climbing high”, and “One-brand , billions surveillance device, millions projectors, tens of millions lens assembly, hundreds of millions optics ”strategic target of Costar Group. Facing the tough challenges of the world market and big changes in the international situation such as Sino-US trade friction, we must rise to challenges, pioneered and pushed ahead.
        ??? The leading position of Party building has been significantly enhanced, at the same time our production and operation have achieved continuous growth for ten years. Scientific and technological innovation promotes the continuous optimization and upgrading of product structure and customer structure, and accelerates the pace of project construction. New products such as super hard functional films and micro prisms bring new growth points to company's development, also continuously improve the company's industrial position and market influence.
        ??? With the deepen reform continued, our company completed its integration, effectively implement the core employee stock ownership plan, improving our management level, the conversion effect of new and old kinetic energy is obvious, all these made our company’s net cash flow of operation keeps a good momentum, the ability of anti-risk is greatly enhanced, which lays a good foundation for the future development.
        ??? Sailing in 2020, we are glade to embrace the new challenges and opportunities which bring by the tidal wave of digital technology, we should calmly analyze and deeply review its developing trend, grasp the "creation effect" released by the development momentum of digital economy. Inheriting with innovation, we insist on coating technology as the core to promote our innovation-driven development, and increasing investment in science and technology, to strengthen the construction of talent team, and constantly consolidate the development foundation of the company.
        ??? Focusing on the high-quality development and promotion of quality and efficiency, we kick off the major projects construction of "New Lida" with new technology advantages, new product structure and new development quality. Centering on our company's "13th five year plan" strategic plan, achieve the target of Lida 2020, and strive to create new performance in the new era.
        ??? Looking forward to 2025, the vigorous developing of digital economy will being promoted by digital technology , Such as 5G communication, Big data, Cloud computing, Internet of things, Smart city, AI Artificial Intelligence, etc, are vibrantly rising. The disruptive technologies will emerge continually, causing the industrial development pattern change rapidly.
        ??? No matter how great changes the world now is undergoing which unseen in a century, we believe that, participate in the great project of building a powerful country with Chinese characteristics, the demand of national industrial development strategy that using coating technology to support the development of new industries becomes more and more clearly.
        ??? The coating technology will usher in a golden age with unprecedented high-speed growth, spreading out the board prospect of optoelectronic industry with new opportunities , we should continually create new momentum, confidently step into the broad development space given by the times, firmly promote the construction of "New Lida" and " Take root downward and bear fruit upward". Continuously consolidate, enhance and expand the company's core technology advantages and industrial development advantages, promote product innovation with technology innovation, and create more than three new products which rank as "invisible champion" in each industry subdivided fields as the sign, build a world famous "Lida" brand with international influence. Firmly march towards the broad road of high quality development, and strongly supporting "Double 10 billion" strategic goal of Costar Group.
        ??? Standing on the starting point of the new era, let's uphold the lofty mission of "Dedicated in optical science and technology, to promote human civilization", carrying forward the scientific spirit and struggle spirit, in order to create a first-class advanced optical thin-film enterprise in worldwide, and create a more brilliant and bright future for Lida.
        ??? We sincerely wish you good health, happy family, success in work, and all goes well in the new year!

        Board Chairman: Li Zhichao

        General Manager: Fu Yong

        TEL:(0086) 377-63152375 FAX:(0086) 377-63167800
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