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        Sing harmonious new movement and draw a bright future together

        Date:2020-1-20 8:29:11 Visits:
        ??? Say goodbye to the glorious year 2019(The year of Pig), we are glad to welcome the challenging year 2020 (The year of Rat)!
        ??? On the evening of January 17, 2020, Nanyang Lida held a new year's party in the conference room on the third floor of the company 103# Building, with the theme “Achieve the goal of Lida 2020 and firmly moving towards Lida 2025". Leaders, cadres and staff representatives of the company gathered together for this grand feast.
        ??? The evening party kicked off with a wonderful and sincere New Year's speech from Mr. Li Zhichao, board chairman of our company. During the party, the versatile elites of Lida members came on the stage one after another to show their style.
        ??? The whole annual meeting ended in a harmonious, warm, and joyful atmosphere. The evening party showed the energetic, positive and enterprising spirit of our employees.

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