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        Lens Series

        ?? Lens business division is mainly engaged in the processing of high-precision opt..

        Prism Series

        ?? We can manufacture optical prisms used in light engine for advanced LCD,DLP, LCOS display, as well as DVD series pr..

        Lens Assembly

        ??? According to the needs of users, we can design and manufacture all kinds of lenses with special parameters: such ..

        Projector Series

        ?? According to Customer requirement, Design and manufacture various special parameter light engine: various DLP ligh..

        Optical Auxiliary Materials

        ?? New materials business division of Nanyang Lida Optic-electronics Co., Ltd. is spe..

        Photoresistance Cells

        ?? Products include 3,4,4.8,5.7,11,12,20,25mm series epoxy resins, metal and glass shell packaging photosensitive resi..

        Special Type Components

        ?? We possess the most advanced equipments in optical industry, from optical components processing equipments, inspect..

        OLPF Products

        ?? We specialized in manufacturing single piece or glued OLPF(optical low pass filter) products, variously used in dig..

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