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        Optical Auxiliary MaterialsHome >> Products >> Optical Auxiliary Materials
        ?? New materials business division of Nanyang Lida Optic-electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sales of various targets for vacuum magnetron sputtering coating, coating materials for vacuum evaporation coating, and optical grinding materials. All these optical auxiliary materials widely used in the mass production of Lida Optic-electronics Co.,Ltd and Henan ?DBOE ?Co., Ltd., and are verified to promote to the external market.
        ?? Engaged in the production of optical abrasive materials for more than 50 years with good experiences, our materials meet the processing requirements for high-precision optics, and can be used to process optics which in different size and different wear degrees. The finished optics with high processing accuracy, good surface shape and good quality and stability, our materials are widely recognized and have good reputation in the industry.
        ?? With excellent quality and good stability, our vacuum evaporation coating materials were recognized by the main manufacturers in optical industry and optical communication industry, and have been widely used for a long time.
        ?? Vacuum plasma spraying equipment adopts automatic production. Based on the stable operation, complete detection methods, perfect quality system and mature technology, our company's vacuum plasma spraying targets are widely used in TP, TFT-LCD and other products, and gained support from customers. Our atmospheric plasma spraying targets are mainly used in energy-saving glass, automobile glass, solar thin-film battery, decorative coating fields, etc. Our planar targets are mainly used in optical industry, optical communication industry, medical and health industry, aerospace and other industries, and have been recognized by many companies and scientific research institutes in the industry.
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