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        ?? We specialized in manufacturing single piece or glued OLPF(optical low pass filter) products, variously used in digital camera, monitoring system, and digital vidicon, etc, such kind of digital imaging products.???
        ?? Glued crystal and blue glass products: The glued products, which combine the birefringence function of the crystal and the stable function at T50% point of the blue glass together, are wildly used in Digital SLR Camera. We can manufacture various thickness customized glued crystal products based on different requirement, to meet the different CCD or C-MOS chips requirement.
        ?? Blue glass: The blue glass has the light absorption characteristic, so, the type and thickness of the blue glass determined its filter’s wavelength at T50% point. We can supply customized blue-glass filter with different thickness and different wavelength at T50% point?
        ?? Now our monthly production capacity of the blue glass: 1.30K Sheet/M(one side UV-IR CUT+ one side AR coating)

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