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        ?? We possess the most advanced equipments in optical industry, from optical components processing equipments, inspection instruments, to high-precision testing apparatus totallyover hundreds units. The main products of Special Type Components Business Division are various kinds of high-precision optical components, especially for large-diameter super-smooth optical plano-surface, super-smooth optical spherical-surface, high-power laser optical components, aspherical, infrared components, coating products, etc.
        ?? With our strong and comprehensive technology and rich experiences, specialized optical processing ability, advanced equipments and high quality team, we are good at manufacturing customized various high-precision optical components from UV to infrared products.
        ?? Please contact us:Tel:+86-377-63865170 Fax:+86-377-63865170
        ?? E-mail:tzyj@lida-oe.com.cn?
        ?? Contact:Gu Changzheng

        All Products:
        TEL:(0086) 377-63152375 FAX:(0086) 377-63167800
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