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        Photoresistance CellsHome >> Products >> Photoresistance Cells

        ?? Products include 3,4,4.8,5.7,11,12,20,25mm series epoxy resins, metal and glass shell packaging photosensitive resistors, photocouplers and photoelectric components. More than 65% of the products are exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Korea, India, Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
        ???Please contact us:Ding Zhengeng
        ? ?MOB:13903770895
        ?? TEL:0377-63865196 FAX:0377-63152372
        ???EMAIL: ding@lida-oe.com.cn

        All Products:
        TEL:(0086) 377-63152375 FAX:(0086) 377-63167800
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